Our Story

When owner and founder, Thomas Oltorik, found himself in a fishing tournament with a broken eyelet on his primary rod he saw an immediate need for quick eyelet replacement. What started as just a concept in his head has developed into a product expected to revolutionize the fishing industry. Anglers finally have a product that will allow them to change out a broken eyelet almost instantaneously. 

Broken eyelets are inevitable whether you are a professional or casual fisherman. Quick Clip Rod Guide Replacement will allow you to rest easy knowing that a broken eyelet will now only take moments to replace. If you like to fish this is a tacklebox necessity for you!

What is Quick Clip?

Quick Clip Rod Guide Replacement was invented and founded by Florida angler, Thomas Oltorik. His vision for this product was to create a simple and reliable way for anglers to instantly replace a broken eyelet and Quick Clips are the most innovative and efficient to overcome this obstacle.